ODEN 1 month trial subscription! (Global)


ODEN subscription Global – Intro Offer!

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Product Description

In order to access the ODEN platform you need to purchase a subscription. Once you do, you can access all the project creation, editing and model manipulation functions of ODEN. To run calculations, you need to purchase either Noise,Air or Solar “Calculation Credits“. Calculations credits are sized and based on a geographic area e.g. 1km by 1km.

This introductory subscription allows trialing of the platform by providing access to:
– 1 month of project creation (5 projects), editing and printing (3km x 3km project size)
– Worldwide base data of topography buildings, contour data and roads with estimated flows
– air modelling capability point, line, area, volume source using AUSTAL2000, AERMOD (needs calculation credits)
– noise modelling capability for road and industrial sources with ISO9613 and EU Interim Method (needs calculation credits)
– solar modelling capability in accordance with DIN 5034 (needs calculation credits)

PLUS 5 free air calculations and 5 free noise calculations!

Note, this is a generic modelling subscription. For tailored, country specific regulations, choose a country subscription.