1. What is ODEN SaaS?

ODEN SaaS is an online environmental assessment technology with software tools that leverage leading edge web technology to realize the vision of Pollution Modelling Made Simple. ODEN is currently adopted by Government agencies, private companies and educational institutions in Europe and Asia.

As opposed to a traditional software deployment model, ODEN SaaS is a cloud-based platform that offers on-demand subscription services with 7×24 accessibility. That is, it can be accessed as and when required without having to purchase dedicated software and hardware or pay for subsequent maintenance and its associated time and skill requirements.

  1. How is ODEN SaaS helpful and beneficial?

Given its technical and business flexibility, ODEN SaaS is ideal for ad-hoc modelling requests or project-based assessment work. The subscription fee is attractively priced and thus easily covered under project budgets. For longer continuous use the ODEN SaaS’ subscription model avoids hefty capital investment and is much simpler to plan for as ongoing operational expense.

In addition, the web accessibility of ODEN SaaS makes it feasible to engage or collaborate with remote specialists as well as providing an alternate option for client meeting or presentation thus providing further cost savings in travel and lodging.

  1. If I or my company already have modelling software and tools, will ODEN SaaS be still useful?

Yes. ODEN SaaS will still be beneficial in these situations. Firstly as a quick turnkey tool for broad-brush appraisal during schematic design or planning stage due to its readily available territory or country-wide cartographic map and underlying base datasets.

Secondly, ODEN SaaS utilizes server-based computing capacities to provide quick assessment results that are also downloadable. Thus, it can be used as another handy assessment tool or as second check of calculation results. Further, the intuitive operation interface of ODEN SaaS is also good for data review or preparation of assessment area prior to importing them into your own tools to conduct assessment calculation.

  1. We have people trained in the use of other assessment tools, so is there a large training requirement for ODEN SaaS as well?  

ODEN SaaS has a very intuitive and friendly operational interface. As such, the learning curve is quite minimal. In fact, with some background in environmental assessment and modelling software, subscribers should be able to operate the system instantly. However, should help be required, our operation videos are a good place to start. Alternatively, we welcome you to contact our support email info@odensystems.net.

  1. How much does it cost?

Depending on your project needs or requirements, the actual subscription fee could vary. For regular subscriptions these start at a very low €100 for 1 month use.

  1. What subscription options does ODEN SaaS offer?

ODEN SaaS currently offer the following subscription options. They are in fact the cost components which when summed together become the actual subscription fee suiting your assessment needs.

1).   Subscription period: The usage period within which subscribers are allowed to use ODEN SaaS either independently or in conjunction with other optional add-on credits and/or country packs.

2).   Project credit: The maximum number of projects that can be created for a subscription user account. Subscribers are provided with a monitoring tool for tracking project credit usage and receive an alert notification when credits are low. Subscribers may purchase additional credits. Of note is that within a project area, location of the calculation boundary can still be changed. Also, if a project is deleted, this will “free up” a project credit.

3).   Calculation credit: The maximum number of assessment calculations that are allowed to be performed for a subscription user account. Of note is that a calculation is regardless of the time it might take to run. Subscribers are provided with a monitoring tool for tracking calculation credit usage and receive an alert notification when credits are low.

4).   Country add-on packs: These are additional option(s) that are available and relevant to a specific location or country. They include items such as high-detail base data and emission data.

  1. How to subscribe?

The process to subscribe is very simple. Simply choose your subscription period and optional project and modelling add-on credits and make an online payment. Your subscription will be activated and you will be notified within 24 hours. A login account and default password will also be sent to allow access to ODEN SaaS.

Should there be issues, please contact your nearest sales office.

  1. What do I get from a subscription after I have paid?

A subscription will be offered with the following standard services and usage provided that it is also within the respective offerings of the subscribed add-on or credits:

  • 7×24 accessibility using the provided user account
  • Non-restricted use of all the ODEN SaaS function which include also upgrade (i.e. functions and/or dataset) as and when they are available
  • Storage of created project(s) and their data
  • Email support
  1. Can I re-subscribe after the expiry of my last subscription period?

Yes, ODEN SaaS offer very flexible subscription to suit the needs of different projects. Once you have subscribed for the first time, you can re-subscribe at any time later on provided that the same user account is used.

However, it should be noted that all of your created project(s) and/or data will only be kept for 3 months after the expiry of your subscription. Thereafter, they may not be available. Notwithstanding this, all your unused credits (e.g. project or calculations) will still be available when you re-subscribe. In other words, unused credits will not be forfeited.

  1. How can I trial ODEN SaaS before formal subscription?

For trial, we recommend our ODEN 1 month trial subscription (Global) plan as it has a very extensive geographical coverage that should also include your interested area or site. Due to our strong confidence in ODEN SaaS, we offer a seven day money back guarantee on first purchase which you may use should you find ODEN SaaS unsuitable for your needs.

  1. What is the pre-requisite to run ODEN SaaS?

As ODEN SaaS is a fully web-based platform, only a browser with internet access is required to use it. However, given the variety of client-side computing environment, the following major requirements are suggested for general reference.

Major Requirements Minimum Recommended
     – Internet Explorer version 11 11
     – FireFox version 40 46
     – Chrome version (excl. ODEN 3D Visualization Module) 40 50
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 1440 x 900
Network Speed 1 Mbps 20 Mbps
Graphic Adapter (ODEN 3D Visualization Module ONLY) OpenGL 2.0 with up-to-date graphics driver